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The Posting Regulations

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The Posting Regulations Empty The Posting Regulations

Post by TheGameMaster on Mon May 29, 2017 8:17 am

Rules For Posting

1)There will be no one-liners allowed in an IC post.  Each post you make must contain at least 100 words.  Each quest, battle, training, and travel post shall have a certain word count that must be met in order to be approved.

2)Once again, there will be no adult content allowed in Aincrad Reborn.  If it comes a heated scene in a post, you must use a fade to black post.

3)Keep IC posts in IC sections and OOC posts in the specified OOC sections and the chatbox.  

4)There will always be a set posting order that will be followed.  There will be no double-posting if you are in a topic with others.

5)There will be a set color for each quest, battle, or duel.  The color coded rules for the posts go as followed: Green- You can only be knocked out, not fully killed.  Red- There is a chance of death.

5)Each post must be labeled correctly in correlation with what it is.  A list can be found below of how to label correctly.

Solo Quests: *Quest Name* [Quest/Solo]
Team Quests: *Quest Name* [Quest/*Partner(s) Name]
Open Socials: *Social Name*
Private Socials: *Social Name* [Private/*Player(s) Invited to Socials*]
Training: *Training Title* [Training]
Solo Travel: Moving from *place* to *place* [Travel]
Team Travel: Moving from *place* to *place* [Travel/*Player(s) Involved in Travel*]
Duels: *Player* VS *Player* [Duel]

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