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The Leveling Regulations

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The Leveling Regulations Empty The Leveling Regulations

Post by TheGameMaster on Sun May 28, 2017 8:23 am

How You Level

You begin the game as you would any MMO, level 1.  There are many ways to gain experience towards you next level such as:

  • Defeating Enemies
  • Doing Quests
  • Dueling Other Players

The level cap in the game is 100.

There are certain skills you can level up in the game, a few being blacksmithing, cooking, and beast taming.  These skills will cap at level 20 and each level will cost a certain amount of money to purchase.

Any skills a person may purchase or acquire in events throughout the game must be trained in a post with a word count predetermined by the type of skill and also level of skill.

In order to revive, you must have bought a resurrection crystal from the shop, or have a friend with one.  If you do not have a crystal in your inventory when you die, you will be charged two times the original amount of a crystal to be revived.

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