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Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules Empty Character Creation Rules

Post by TheGameMaster on Sun May 28, 2017 8:08 am

Character Creation

1)Your username must match your character name.  If you create and account and change your character's name, an admin or game master will change your name to match for you.

2)Each character must have a unique face claim.

3)A person may have multiple characters, but each character must have a different account.  There will be no 'secret alts'.  If you create a new character, the admin must know that the character belongs to you.

4)No player can have their main character and an alt in the same topic, be it a social, event, or other.  Along these same lines a person may not duel and/or kill their own characters.

5)Upon creating a character, you must choose one common weapon and one common weapon skill to begin the game with free, all other's must be purchased.

6)Skills you purchase are non-refundable.

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