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Behavioral Rules

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Behavioral Rules Empty Behavioral Rules

Post by TheGameMaster on Sun May 28, 2017 7:56 am

How To Behave

1) Respect your fellow player.  No derogatory, racial, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate actions will be tolerated within the game.  Any violations will be subject to punishment at the Game Masters' discretion.

2)No flaming nor creating an unpleasant environment for any players of the game.  Toxic players will be subject to punishment.

3)No adult content, including pornographic material, extreme gore, or anything that may cause a rating of R or higher shall be allowed within the game.

4)Do not cause unnecessary drama.  If someone is causing a problem, immediately report it to a Game Master or Admin.  The problem shall be handled accordingly.

The Chatbox Regulations

1)No excessive cursing will be allowed within the chatbox at any time.  Keep it to a minimum as we are a site that caters to younger members as well.

2)No adult content will be allowed within the chat.

3)Be respectful to fellow players and do not purposefully give misguided information to members asking for help.

4)If an Admin or Game Master asks you to stop what you are doing, you stop.  You will not get a second warning.

5)The staff comes into the chat box to chat as everyone else does.  Give them a minimum of five minutes upon entry before asking for any favors, such as review, from them unless they specifically ask if anyone needs anything done before then.

6)No advertising/talking about other forum sites directly or indirectly within the chat.  If you want to advertise a different forum site, please post them within the advertisement section.

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